Blurry Shadows

Kristen Zory King


Kristen Zory King is a writer and teaching artist based in Washington, DC. 


Kris is a four time recipient of a DC Commission on Arts and Humanities Fellowship, a 2021 Humanities Fellow with Many Languages One Voice, and an alum of the 5th Woman Fellowship in Knoxville, TN and the 202Creates Residency Program in Washington, DC, where she has also served as a mentor. Recent work can be found in Electric Lit, The Citron Review, Emerge Literary Journal, mac(ro)mic, and SWWIM among others. In January 2021, Kris was excited to join the CRAFT Literary team as a nonfiction reader. 

A passionate advocate for the arts and community, Kris is the founder of MoonLit, an organization that creatively connects community through accessible literary workshops and programming. She is grateful to have spent her professional years working, consulting, teaching for, and volunteering with literary and cultural institutions around the country. To learn more about Kris's professional history, please click here. To inquire about consultation projects, collaborations, coaching, teaching, or fees, please visit the consulting page or use the contact form below.


Photo by Anna Carson Dewitt. 

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